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Sewing involves more than just home improvement projects. Many people may not know how to sew, but they still need clothing to look beautiful, get messy, or have a wonderful time. That is why industrial machines were created to assist folks who were unable to sew.

This is one of the world’s oldest industrial sewing machine manufacturers. It was one of the first American corporations to extend into Europe, opening a facility in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1901.

Continue reading our post to understand more about this sewing machine manufacturer. It delves into its history and gives you a better understanding of how industrial machinery affect the textile industry.

The Union Special Sewing Machine Company

This Chicago-based corporation was founded in 1881 with lofty aims. These objectives helped it become the world’s largest industrial sewing machine manufacturer. It only took the company 20 years to grow large enough to extend into Europe, with the UNION SPECIAL Maschinenfabrik GmbH being the first expansion.

The Antique Union Special Sewing Machine (Company, Price)

In Hemmingen, on the outskirts of Ludwigsburg, the business established another factory 20 years later. The corporation then took over the former Borden Milk facilities in 1948 and enlarged them to fulfill its manufacturing needs.

The company does not move around often because it has been at the same location for nearly 70 years. In 1968, the one millionth sewing machine was manufactured. Union Special was merged into the Tokyo-based Juki corporation in 1988, according to the company’s German history.

However, the American website’s history page makes no mention of this takeover, partnership, or other business transaction. After 5 years, the German company was also relocated to Ludwigsburg and renamed the European Distribution Center, focusing on sales while manufacturing was shifted to the American operation.

After 6 years, the German company became self-sufficient and mainly focused on sales. The original American company’s plant is still operational, although it has been extended at least ten times to suit manufacturing needs.

How Much is a Union Special Sewing Machine?

When you start seeing the prices for different models, remember that these are industrial sewing machines. Some secondhand ones are available for $875. The pricing for the machines listed on the company’s website are not listed. To acquire a price for one in your location, you may need to contact the nearest dealer.

The old sewing machines normally sell for between $3,000 and $5,000 on eBay, and the denim machine model 43200G is one of them. On eBay, we’ve seen devices selling for between $100 and $2,500.

When you need a replacement part at the same auction house, some of the parts cost over $200 each. The simplest thing to do is inquire about prices at neighboring sewing machine stores that deal with Union Specials.

Industrial sewing machines will be much more expensive than home sewing machines, especially since they are built in the United States.

Finding Antique Union Special Sewing Machine for Sale

Sewing machines from before World War II are quite rare. Only two of the 11500G models have been observed, and this machine dates from before 1920. In Japan, they are still in use. Estate sales, auction houses, and maybe antique stores are the greatest places to seek for an ancient Union Special sewing machine.

Industrial machines are less desirable than residential machines, yet still may have a waiting list. The model 43200G has been a collector’s item since Union Special stopped producing them in 1989, putting them on the coveted list of collectors ever since.

Some machines made their way to Japan, China, and Pakistan, so if you’re traveling through those countries, you might be able to spot some ancient ones. Europe, Africa, and other distinct locales are appropriate places to pretend that the company’s German subsidiary handled sales and distribution to such areas.

Vintage Union Special Twin Needle Chain Stitch, Denim Sewing Machine 1/4” Gauge | eBay

Union Special Industrial Sewing Machine

The company boasts that they are one of the only companies still producing things the way they used to. To put it another way, the sewing machines are built to last, made with high-quality parts and raw materials, and assembled by professionals who take pride in their job.

These aren’t cheap industrial sewing machines, and they perform admirably every time you use one. Even though the 43200G has been out of production for 30 years, it is still a popular model among denim designers.

One of the difficulties in locating one is that Japanese clothes manufacturers were first to market and purchased as many as they could. Every shot we’ve seen of this company’s many machines displays a well-built machine capable of handling a large number of sewing hours and challenging fabrics.

Sewing Machine Model 63400 b

A high-speed lockstitch unit is a machine that can manage medium to large workloads. It can perform basic seaming procedures and ensure that all of the stitches you want are placed correctly.

It performs best when it is connected to a sewing table large enough to accommodate the fabrics you will be working with. The spool of thread is set off to the right side of the sewing machine, making threading simple and straightforward.

Then it has a single needle, a drop feed, a rotary hook, a horizontal hook shaft, and a stitch regulator with a push-button. Even though this machine is supposed to be simple and straightforward to operate, there are more functions.

For the 63400B, either the 180GXS or the 180 GYS needle is required. The needles for the 63400A are 183 GXS and 183 GYS. More information about needle size and application can be found in your owner’s manual.

Union Special 2200 g

The 220 G is a sewing machine from the 2200 series, which is designed for heavy-duty use. The G sewing machine has a huge cone head thread stand and can sew two threads. It runs on 110 volts and includes coarse feed dogs.

There is a 2200GA type, however it is only for organizations that utilize 220 volts. It includes all of the features of the G model. This 2200 sewing machine series is designed to work with fake turf and includes a built-in thread cutter.

It is a portable equipment that is simple to operate and set up. The machine’s disadvantage is its cost, which is around $2,500. The overall weight is about 11 pounds, making it easy to transport.

Our Union Special Sewing Machine Review

Union Special sewing machines, based on what we’ve seen, have been an excellent industrial product for almost 140 years. The same high standards that guided production when the company initially launched are still in place today.

We enjoy that the machines are built in America, despite the fact that this option raises the price slightly. The firm has created a wide range of sewing machines to fulfill almost any industrial sewing requirement.

The machines include all of the necessary functions to make stitching very practical and simple. They are also engineered to withstand enormous loads, making them long-lasting, with a couple of 100-year-old machines still in use.

You have a reputable firm for industrial work that stands behind its product and keeps your business running so you don’t waste any production time.

Union Special 51300 BG Chainstitch Sewing Machine - Head Onl

Download Union Special Sewing Machine Manual

You should have no trouble finding manuals for your Union Special sewing machines. The company’s American and German divisions each have their own manuals web page. You’d have to ask the corporation directly how far back they go. The American page can be found here, while the German website can be found here.

Simply click this link to download the 63400 manual. There are various models in that series to choose from. The company listed at this link has plenty of manuals for a variety of Union Special sewing machines.

More manuals for more modern Union Special sewing machines should be found via an online search. You may try eBay for vintage or antique sewing machines, but we couldn’t find any at the present.

Alternatively, go to the traditional antique and vintage sewing machine businesses and auction houses.

Union Special Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

The same precautions apply. Even if many of the devices appear to be simple, it is occasionally advisable to leave the repairs to the repairman. They understand what they’re doing and can complete the assignment swiftly.

You can either contact one of the many different parts stores online or the firm directly to have the part sent to you. The simpler sewing machines should be quite easy for the home handyman to repair.

Then make sure you have a handbook on hand because those books can provide you terrific troubleshooting suggestions and point you in the proper direction so you can swiftly fix your equipment.

When it comes to fixing your Union Special, the trick is to take it to a repairman if it’s still under warranty, and do it yourself if it’s not.

Buying Union Special Sewing Machine Parts

This does not appear to be a difficult task. A components page is maintained by the company in Chicago. The connection is the same as the one you used to access the manuals previously. It’s unclear how far back in time the components date, however inquire if you own an extremely antique sewing machine built by that firm.

Many components are also available at this link. The prices appear to be reasonable, and there are several parts available. Then you can discover if this sewing machine parts supplier has what you’re looking for.

It won’t take long to locate component stores, either online or in person, because Union Special continues to manufacture sewing machines, and there are plenty available today.

How to Thread a Union Special Sewing Machine

It is best to thread the machine in the correct order for the 39500 model. Thread the upper looper first, then the right needle, and finally the left needle. Because each Union Special sewing machine is unique, be sure to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

The needle on the 39500 must be elevated to its highest point and the cloth plate must be open. The pressure on the presser foot must then be removed and swung outward. Starting at the front, thread the needles from right to left.

In the corresponding holes, the threads should also go through the needle eyelet. The right needle should be threaded through the right hole, while the left needle should be threaded through the left hole. Click here for a diagram and comprehensive instructions.

Union special 61400 | Technical textiles, Sewing machine, Sewing

Final Thoughts

If you’re into industrial stitching, a Union Special industrial sewing machine should suffice. Some of the older ones are still in use and are prized for their craftsmanship and ability to weave resistant fabrics.

The latest models carry on the legacy of excellent service, and with so many components available, your model should be serviced quickly. Try one out today to see if it can help you increase output.

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