How to Make a Nine-Patch Quilt + 17 Beautiful Patterns Update 05/2022

Mastering the nine-patch quilt block is vital while learning introductory quilt blocks.

This quilt block is simple and straightforward to master, yet it is highly adaptable and may be used in a variety of quilting projects.

We’ll go through how to make a nine-patch quilt block today, and I’ll also show you several modern nine-patch quilt patterns to get you started on your own.

What Is a 9 Patch Quilt?

The nine-patch quilt block is an excellent foundational design that may be used alone or in combination with other types of blocks to create a whole quilt top.

Let’s go through what a nine-patch block is and whether or not it can be altered before we get into our simple instruction for making this adaptable block.

A nine-patch block is a quilt block that consists of nine “patches” or parts. Isn’t it simple? This block is traditionally created with nine squares of the same size, but it can also be made with varied sized “patches,” as seen in a few of the patterns in this page.

How Do You Make a Simple 9 Patch Quilt?

This straightforward guide will you how to make a traditional nine-patch quilt block.

Step 1: Cut your fabric.

You’ll need nine squares, all cut to the same size. Let’s utilize 5″ squares for this example.

Step 1: Cut your fabric

Step 2: Sew the three horizontal rows together.

A nine-patch block is made up of three horizontal rows, each with three squares. To make this block, sew all of the horizontal rows together to form three rectangles.

Step 2: Sew the three horizontal rows together

Step 3: Sew the rows together.

We’ll then sew our rows together. Make sure the seams of the blocks are lined up so that the lines are completely crisp. Consider the tic-tac-toe lines depicted in the figure below.

Step 3: Sew the rows together

Here’s how your completed Nine Patch quilt block will look:

FAQs about Making 9 Patch Quilts

How Much Fabric Does a 9 Patch Quilt Require?

This is largely determined by the quilt pattern you choose. Most quilt patterns will specify fabric needs for various quilt sizes.

How Much Fabric Will a Queen Size 9 Patch Quilt Require?

The exact amount will vary on the quilt pattern you choose, but most nine-patch quilts will require approximately 8 yards of fabric for the quilt top and another 8 yards for the backing.

How can you make a 9 Patch that vanishes?

To make a disappearing 9 patch quilt, start by making a standard 9 patch block and then cutting it into quarters. The blocks are then rotated to form a unique design.

17 Nine Patch Quilt Patterns You’ll Love

Let’s get to the fun part and look at some lovely nine patch quilt patterns now that you’ve completed my crash course in nine patch quilt blocks. For this list, I discovered both paid and free patterns, so perhaps there is something for everyone.

1. The Beachcomber

The focus of this wonderful quilt pattern is a nine-patch block, which is surrounded by larger blocks made of the same size squares. This quilt is a fantastic starter project because it can be completed fast. The finished quilt will be 67 12″x79″ in size.

2. Sweet Menagerie

Here’s a free instruction for making these adorable bordered nine-patch blocks. This quilt pattern’s instructions will generate a 66 12″x90 12″ quilt top.

3. Charming Nine

First and foremost, how stunning are these hues? This color scheme is fantastic! This pattern would be ideal for that fat quarter bundle you’ve been eyeing but aren’t sure what to do with.

4. Double 9 Patch

If you have scraps to use up, the Double 9 Patch is a wonderful alternative. As the name suggests, you start by making small nine-patch blocks, then combine them to make a larger nine-patch patch block.

5. Scrappy 9 Patch

Scrappy 9 Patch

Here’s a free nine-patch quilt pattern that’s excellent for beginners. You stitch two fabrics together per block, mixing and matching the placement. This basic quilt pattern is perfect for a throw.

6. A Stitch in Time

This quilt pattern may appear more complicated than the others on this list at first glance, but if you look closely, the nine-patch blocks are simply turned on point.

7. Exploding Nine Patch

This trendy spin on the traditional 9-patch block will be the star of your next quilt creation. This pattern is available in two sizes: throw and full size.

8. Vintage Nine Patch

This is an excellent example of a 9 patch block created using squares and rectangles of various sizes. The elements that make up these blocks are three different sizes, yet they are still called 9 patch blocks.

9. Simple Scrappy 9 Patch Quilt

This pattern would be an excellent choice for one of your first quilting projects if you are a beginner quilter. There are two sizes in this pattern: 52 12″x61 12″ and 61 12″x70 12″.

10. Window Box

This is another great beginner project that uses jelly rolls. The finished quilt will be 58″x70″ in size. By adding or deleting blocks, you may easily change the size.

11. Halloween Nine Patch

The top of this quilt is made up of huge nine-patch quilt blocks. This is another design that would be ideal for a novice or someone looking for a quick and simple quilt top.

12. 9 Patch Snowball Quilt

The 9 patch and the snowball quilt blocks are used to make this quilt top. This pattern is available in two sizes: baby, twin/full, and queen.

13. Nine Patch Checkerboard

This scrappy nine-patch quilt design comes with a well-written, free guide. This quilt can be made with jelly roll strips, fat quarters, or yards.

14. Irish Chain

This lovely Irish chain quilt pattern is completely free and ready to use! This printable quilt pattern will teach you how to build a throw-size quilt that measures around 56″x68″ in size.

15. Nine Patch on Point

Another quilt pattern that uses nine-patch blocks that are rotated 45 degrees to create a distinctive design is this one. The finished quilt will be 75 12″x84″ in size.

16. Uneven 9 Patch

What a cute set of blocks! These delicious present-like blocks are another example of nine-patch blocks that use varying size “patches.” This fat quarter friendly pattern will guide you through making a 58″x72″ throw quilt.

17. Bordered Nine Patch

On their blog, Missouri Star Quilt Company gives a free video lesson for making these fun bordered nine-patch blocks.

The nine-patch quilt block can be used to produce a variety of quilts, as seen in these examples, depending on your skill level and design preferences. I’d want to encourage you to try your hand at a nine-patch quilt pattern and have some fun!

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