10 Quilting Games to Play at Your Next Quilt Guild or Retreat Update 05/2022

Have you ever been in charge of finding games for a quilting retreat or your local quilting guild?

How can you help your members and visitors break the ice and form a true quilting community?

We’re looking for some unique and enjoyable quilting games that will bring everyone together, share some laughs, and perhaps even teach you something new about the lovely world of quilting.

How to Choose the Best Quilt Games for Your Group

When selecting quilt guild games, keep these three factors in mind to ensure you select the best games for your group.

  • Do you have a diverse group of people in your guild or at your retreat? Choose games that will appeal to both older and younger members.
  • Level of expertise: Do you have a beginner’s quilt retreat planned? Remember that most novices would be unfamiliar with all of the vocabulary and technical aspects of quilting. Pick quilt retreat games that will teach your group new skills while still having fun.
  • Size of group: You can play small-scale games like charades or a quiz game if your guild is only 20 or a few members. If your group is significantly larger, look for games that can suit your size, or break up into smaller sections or teams. This might be a fantastic way for groups to communicate.

10 of the Best Quilting Games

1. Quilter’s Bingo

Bingo is a popular game that is played at many different occasions, but quilters are competitive and enjoy bingo! Quilter’s Bingo is a great game for small and large groups, young and old, experienced and inexperienced players, and so forth.

Replace the word “BINGO” with “QUILT” at the top of your card. Then, instead of yelling “BINGO!” when they get a “QUILT!” Fabric bundles or a gift card to a local fabric shop are available as rewards.

2. Quilting Trivia

The possibilities for a trivia game are unlimited. You can look up fascinating facts on the internet, in your favorite quilting books, or even have your members send you ideas they’ve picked up over time.

This game is especially ideal for parties that include both beginners and experienced quilters. It can spark a discussion between the two groups and lead to long-term friendships in your guild or retreat.

Learning and playing a game at the same time is a terrific method to learn new entertaining information and make new friends.

3. Quilter’s Wheel of Fortune

Who hasn’t wanted to play along with the Wheel of Fortune? Make it a hit with all your quilters by adding quilting terminology and phrases to it.

All you’ll need is a huge whiteboard or chalkboard, as well as a system for determining the order of your guessers. If the gathering is small enough, each person can make their own estimates, or if the group is larger, teams can be formed.

Here are a few ideas for you:

  • _ _g  _ _ _i_  (log cabin)
  • n_ _e   _ _ t _ _  (nine patch)
  • _ e _ _ _ r _ l _  (jellyroll)

Word Search is another popular game at parties and events, including quilting guilds and retreats. These are enjoyable to do alone or with others, and they are a terrific “ice breaker” for us shy people.

Here’s a free word search that you can download and print for your next meeting or retreat. Put a time limit on it or remove the key at the bottom of the page to make it much more entertaining.

5. What Are Your Top 5 Sewing Notions?

“What Are Your Top 5 Sewing Notions?” is the name of the game. Give everyone 35 cards and ask them to list the top 5 sewing notions they can’t live without. If you have a smallish crowd, you can have one huge group, or if you have a larger crowd, you can break them up into tiny groups, just like the previous games.

Everyone will go around the table and read from their list one item at a time. Discuss each person’s item, then invite members to ask questions or share personal experiences with it. Continue until you have completed the list.

This game is a simple and enjoyable method to get everyone talking and learning.

6. Thread Those Needles!

This is a simple game where you ask a small group of people to thread needles. Give them a spool of thread and a bundle of needles with different sized eyes. Start the timer and tell them to thread their full needle packet onto the spool of thread as rapidly as they can. The one who clocks in the fastest wins.

A different take on this game could be to line up ten (or any number) sewing machines on tables. Select your fastest threaders and have them compete to see who can thread all ten machines the fastest.

7. Me on a Block!

This game excites me, and I’d like to give it a try. There are two methods to play this game. Ask your members or guests to develop and present a quilt block that best depicts their personality ahead of time.

Don’t worry if you can’t reach out to your group ahead of time; all you need is paper and a variety of colored pencils, crayons, pens, and markers to sketch their quilt block. After that, go around the room and ask everyone to explain their block and why it symbolizes them. Isn’t it entertaining?

via Flea Market Gardening

8. Quilt Quiz

“Seriously?” you might be wondering. A quiz? “How about a quilt retreat?” But believe me when I say that this is a good time (said every middle school teacher ever). This quiz will test your quilting knowledge and tell you some amusing facts you may not have known.

Quilt Quiz is another great game to play if your company has a diverse range of experience. It’s a great way to get your quilters talking. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins whatever prize you have, whether it’s a nice fat quarter bundle, rotary cutter blades, or other quilting goodies.

9.  Thimble Bucket Toss

I grew up in the Midwest, where we had a show called “Bozo’s Super Sunday Show” on Sunday mornings. On the show, children would stand in one position and hurl ping pong balls into small plastic buckets spaced every two feet or so in front of them. Each bucket was a little more challenging than the last.

This game is like to ping pong, but instead of ping pong balls, your quilters will toss thimbles into buckets. A prize is awarded to the person who lands the most thimbles in the buckets. At a quilt guild meeting or retreat, who doesn’t like a little competitive tossing?

10. Name That Block

“Name That Block” is another popular game to play at a guild meeting or quilting retreat. Examples of different blocks can be drawn on a board, actual samples of each block pinned to a wall, a sampler quilt hanging, or different blocks written on handout sheets.

Set a time restriction and see how soon your quilters can name all of the blocks you’ve collected. A fascinating tie-breaker bonus round may involve the winners mentioning as many other blocks as they can and then drawing each of them. The game is won by the player who has the most extra blocks.

Which quilting games with you choose for your next quilt event?

I hope you found this information useful in planning your next guild meeting or retreat. Quilting and these games are sure to bring your members and guests closer together and help them create memories to last a lifetime.

If you can’t meet in person, your guild members could play several of these games electronically.

Have you ever played a favorite game at a quilting event?

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