Quilts for Sale: Where and How to Sell Handmade Quilts Update 05/2022

Try selling your handcrafted quilts to those who believe all quilts are the same price as those found in big box retailers if you want an impossible assignment. Selling handcrafted quilts for a profit is a difficult endeavor, but it is possible if you are diligent and committed to the task.

Two brief pointers. To begin, avoid competing with the large box stores. Their job is to make money, and they are experts at it. Second, be prepared to lose money since the public does not see your work in the same light as you do.

Continue reading our article for more information on how to sell your handcrafted quilts and where to sell them. Our post contains advice and solutions to assist you in moving your belongings from one location to another. It might not be an immediate decision.

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Tip 1: Smaller, less time-consuming quilts or quilts in frames can be sold at various craft exhibitions.

Tip 2: Take orders for larger ones from folks who stop by your exhibit at those craft shows. Then put down a 50% deposit to cover your expenses just in case.

Can I Sell My Quilts?

You can sell almost anything if they are created from legal products. But you’ll have to wait since not everyone likes the colors or designs, or those two items don’t match their home decor, or the price is too high for them.

“Everything will sell…eventually,” someone once stated. Finally is the essential word, and this is where your patience comes into play. You only need to wait for the appropriate buyer who will value your work’s quality and attractiveness.

The suitable buyer may not be concerned about the price. That implies you don’t have to accept the low-ball offer from purchasers looking for a bargain. After that, you’ll need the perfect place and venue to sell your quilts.

Yard and garage sales are not the best places to sell your quilt unless it is quite old. If you have a good or distinctive reputation, such as the Amish, you can sell almost anyplace and at almost any price. If you don’t, the deal seekers may discourage you.

Tip 3: Don’t be put off by Wal Mart customers who expect you to compete on price with large box businesses. Stick to your guns and only give discounts to people who are serious about purchasing your quilts.

Is There a Market for Handmade Quilts?

According to Google Trends, the quilt selling retailers have had a good four years. There is a solid market that is constant enough to merit attempting different approaches to sell your creation.

If you’re selling online or offline, the goal is to identify your target demographic. There are those folks who actually appreciate your work and the worth of a handcrafted quilt. They will pay the price you have set; all you have to do now is locate them.

This implies that you don’t strive to sell to everyone. Finding your target market requires some effort, but the outcomes should be superior to a generic “sell to everyone” strategy. You should look up how to discover your target audience and what SEO methods will perform best for you on the internet.

There are plenty of articles available on those two areas to get you started.

Tip 4: If you want people to spend a lot of money on your quilts, they should look handmade, not homemade.

Can You Make Money Selling Homemade Quilts?

There is a market for homemade quilts, so it is possible. In fact, it’s an almost $4 billion business. However, you will be up against some fierce competition. The highly wanted Amish quilts cost around $1000 on average, but you don’t have the Amish reputation to help you sell them.

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Then there are approximately 16 million quilters in the United States alone. One out of every twenty Americans quilts, sells, or gives away their work to the other 19. If you are a serious quilter, you may need to spend around $13,000 on tools and supplies, as well as have roughly $6,000 in fabric in your stash at all times.

If you use a machine, expect to pay between $10,000 and $30,000 for a good sewing machine with all the bells and whistles you’ll need to construct a superb quilt.

Yes, you may make money selling homemade quilts, but you must first determine how much you are willing to invest. Knowing the prices will assist you figure out what you need to accomplish in order to make any money.

Tip 5: You can sell your products on a variety of online marketplaces, such as eBay or Amazon. Alternatively, you may hire one or more affiliate marketers to help persuade customers to buy them.

How Can You Tell if a Quilt is Valuable?

This is debatable. Are you looking at an antique quilt that has been passed down down the centuries from mother to daughter, or are you trying to figure out how valuable the quilt you made is?

When it comes to vintage and antique quilts, you’ll need to know when they were manufactured. This is a difficult undertaking, but it is much easier than trying to market your own goods. Quilts must have been manufactured between 1921 and 1970 to be called vintage.

They must have been produced 100 years or more ago to be deemed antique. To own an antique quilt, you must hunt for one from the 1920s or before. Handmade quilts will have uneven stitches, and those produced before the twentieth century will not have a tag stating that it is handmade, as most quilts from the twentieth century will.

Patterns are important since each century has its own style, with the best patterns appearing in the 18th century. The value will then be determined by the colors and age. Finally, the weave pattern will aid in the estimation of value.

Simply click here for more information on those categories.

Tip 6: To reach your target audience, you may need to develop your own website. Traditional approaches such as classified ads may only attract individuals searching for a price reduction.

How Much Can You Sell Quilts For?

This is the most difficult element of the quilting process. You can put any price tag on your quilts you want, and some people do. The quilts, on the other hand, will only sell for what the buyer is willing to pay.

That means you can take the quickest and most convenient route and sell at a loss to the first individual who offers a ridiculously cheap price. Alternatively, you can wait till your target audience shows up and pays the price you’ve set.

You can select your own price, taking into account the cost of all supplies, the quantity of work you put in, and the amount of time it takes to complete the quilt. That implies your quilt pricing could be significantly more than those found in big box stores. Our how much does it cost to make a quilt guide has further information on quilting prices and costs.

However, if your quilts are well-made, not homemade, and of high quality, you should be paid fairly. One quilter sells baby quilts for $125 and queen quilts for $350+, but her usual price range is $500 to 750.

Tip 7: Building a client or customer base takes time and effort. Once you’ve done that, you should see repeat clients coming to you for wedding gifts and other occasions.

How to Sell Homemade Quilts

You have a lot of options in this category because there are two basic approaches to pick from. alternatively you can combine the two. The first is the classic way of placing advertising in magazines, newspapers, and free classifieds, among other places.

Alternatively, you can post notices at your church, charitable organization, workplace, and so on. Prepare to have coworkers and friends looking to you to make a bargain for them.

Setting up a booth at a craft fair and selling your crafts is another classic option, as is locating a craft store ready to sell your quilts on consignment. Just make sure there’s some margin in your pricing for them to benefit.

The second option is to join the technology bandwagon and create your own website, complete with SEO tactics to drive traffic to it. Of course, you’ll need a web page with prices for your products, a about you page, and a secure shopping cart website.

Then you have the option of hiring affiliate marketers or ‘influencers’ to assist you sell your products, or you can do it yourself. Use influencers with caution since they will demand one of your quilts for free.

Tip 8: Craft fairs are a popular way for malls to attract customers. You might be able to secure a booth, but be prepared to say “no” to potential consumers who have a yard sale mentality.

Where to Sell Quilts

You have a vast number of credible outlets to advertise your stuff once again. Traditional sources include craft stores that sell high-quality quilts at high-quality prices, specialist stores that could be interested in selling for you, and craft fairs, swap meets, and similar events.

Your venues are a short computer search away for modern retailers. You can sell your quilts on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and a variety of affiliate marketing networks.

You can open your own Amazon store, and it’s a terrific way to locate your specialty and target market. You can also simply develop a website and market it online using various SEO strategies to help get your goods in front of your target audience.

Then you may use affiliate marketers to help advertise your business, but be prepared to give them a high commission or your products will be swiftly dropped. Finding the proper outlet that not only matches the quality of your items but also suits your personality is crucial.

Tip 9: When selling your products, keep in mind that the market may be saturated with those of your competitors. To make sales, look for a market with less competitors.

The Best Place to Sell Handmade Quilts

It’s difficult to answer because what works for one individual may not work for someone else. Traditional approaches that some people find successful in their home city may not work if you are out in the country enjoying the finer parts of life away from the noise and congestion.

You’ll have to try out several retail establishments to see which one works best for you and your position, as well as attract a large number of people. If your work is good, you can rely on word of mouth to help you sell your quilts.

Where to Sell Quilts Online

There are many places where you can sell online. You can try Facebook ads to see if that draws interest. But make sure not to go to those social media outlets that are not popular. They do not have the frequency of use and their audience is small.

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Or you can go through Reddit, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and similar marketplaces. But be prepared to meet and follow their strict guidelines or you may lose your online outlet. Going through these places means you have rules that must be followed.

The best place to sell your quilts is on your own website. It will take a little upfront cash to set it up and monetize the website. Plus, it will take some investment in SEO tools, advertising, and so on but it may be worth it in the long run.

With your own website, you get to set your own rules.

How to Sell Quilts Online

You can sell online in a variety of places. You can experiment with Facebook advertising to determine if they generate interest. However, avoid using unpopular social networking platforms. They aren’t used frequently, and their audience is small.

You can also look on Reddit, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and other comparable sites. However, you must meet and adhere to their tight requirements or risk losing your online channel. Going through these sites implies that there are regulations to follow.

Your own website is the ideal place to market your quilts. Setting it up and monetizing the website will cost some money up front. Furthermore, some investment in SEO tools, promotion, and so forth will be required, but it may be worthwhile in the long term.

You get to make your own rules when you have your own website.

Selling Quilts On Etsy

The first step is to have a high-quality item to sell. If your quilts are Wal Mart quality, you won’t be able to receive top dollar. If you try, you will quickly discover that you are out of business.

Second, be truthful and trustworthy. Use excellent customer service, treat potential customers with respect, and never lie to them. Lies can put you out of business even faster than the previous stage.

Finally, strong SEO methods might assist in driving traffic to your door. This includes using relevant keywords, providing high-quality content on your web sites, and ensuring that navigation and checkout are simple and straightforward.

How to Sell Antique Quilts

The truth is that if you suspect or know you own an antique quilt, you should consult an appraiser to learn more about it and its value. You can do it yourself, but there are so many intricacies to antique quilts that you can overlook one or two and lose out on a good deal.

Once you have the value, you may use it to market your quilt on your website, Amazon, or other online venues. Using an appraiser will cost you money, but they are knowledgeable and can direct you to the best ways to sell your quilt.

Antique sellers should be avoided since they will undercut you to make a profit.

Final Thoughts

Selling anything, including well-made quilts, is a difficult task. There will be a lot of rivalry, as well as a lot of annoying customers. However, if your quilts are good, they will eventually sell.

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